Everything We Know

Everything We Know – a visual encyclopedia compiled by creative people from around the world, completed on mini canvases. As a kickoff to this challenge, our artist community contributed words that are meant to inspire and energize their fellow artists. Inside each participant’s box, they received a word sent from one of the thousands of artists from our creative community.

Lablab Painting

Izzy up close.

Last year I decided to give a try at participating in the Canvas Project from the Brooklyn Art Library. Each participant was sent a 4×4 inch canvas and a word to inspire the work. The word I got was Jabjab, which I somehow converted to Lablab. This is an important mistake.

You see, Jab jab is a devil like character from Carnival. Lablab, is a species of bean that has this wonderful purple color. The end result is I created a painting of my youngest child walking through a Lablab field, opposed to an iconic devil character from Carnival. Now, my kids, particularly Izzy, are devilish, but certainly not representative of a Carnival character.

Either way, it was a fun experience to take inspiration from somewhere else and create a piece from it. The piece was shown at the Brooklyn Art Library in February 2019, and then sent out to other participants. I also got a book with photos of all the works done as a part of the project.