Suit of Flames

While I was planning out the suit of swords, I knew I wanted to tell the next part of her story. When I eventually decided she would have a child I knew I wanted to go full lone wolf and cub, taking a warrior mom and her son and watch him grow up in the context of surviving the horrors of the world I invented. The two of them are important and targets and kind of like Terminator 2, they are always on the run… until they are not.

The Bull GodFlames
I have no idea where this idea came from, but I imagine my heroes surviving and being warned of the impending danger of their situation by this first encounter.
The AxemanFlames
The Axeman has long been a part of the mythology of Conspiracy of Shadows. He sits in this Sleepy Hollow meets Texas Chainsaw Massacre space.
The ArcherFlames
You can see how The Archer came together in the video above. The idea came from an illustration I did years ago that was less well executed and I wanted to try and fix it.
The DestroyerFlames
The Destroyer is an archetype in the game and that name itself usually evokes this idea of a massive powerhouse like the Hulk. I wanted to try something very different here.
The ParasitesFlames
If you have seen Dark City you know where I drew from for these guys. One part Nosferatu, one part alien mythology and you get some very creepy illustrations.
The PurifierFlames
I knew that I wanted to wreath this archetype in fire so I used the same approach I used with the Ghost, drawing the flames on vellum and gluing it over the piece.
The SaviorFlames
The Savior is last time I used the vellum trick, this time to obscure the face of a messianic figure. Gina Torres’ time on Angel is a clear inspiration for this.
The WarlordFlames
I wanted to show my heroine as a bad ass once again, but as a human one. I didn’t think another fight would be compelling, but the aftermath here I think really works.
The GuardianFlames
I wanted to try a scene with a dragon. Nothing deep or exposing here. Just wanted to draw my heroine and her son fighting a dragon.
The Dead EatersFlames
Zombies are like the mafia. Every time you think you are out, they suck you back in and eat your entrails. I’m honestly grossed out by my own art here.
The DeathlessFlames
I had known from the beginning that I my hero would die in a tragic manner. I love the impact of this card as well as how the flames came out on the Deathless.
The Dead QueenFlames
Does he win and avenge his mother? Does he die fruitlessly seeking revenge? I don’t know, but I do know I love this weird piece.