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Yggdrasil Magazine promo image

Yggdrasil Magazine. Away We Go!

Last night I launched a crowdfunding effort to bring to life a quarterly gaming magazine called Yggdrasil. I am filled with excitement, and a bit of dread. Excited because I love creating things and sharing those things with others. Dread because of the vulnerability you expose to others when you share your self. So, par of the course for every creative person that I have ever met.

The kids playing the Torchbearer RPG

Into the Barrow Downs We Go

As often happens around the holidays, my kids get the LOTR Fever. This is a legitimate diagnosis that stems from our marathon watching of Peter Jackson’s Extended Edition Lord of the Rings movies on New Years Day. It leads to a sudden uptick on related board games, audiobook listens, and this year, a request to play D&D.

Lord of the Rings, Journey into Middle Earth header for the board game

Journey into Almost Something

Two weekends ago, a friend of mine and I decided to finally take Journey into Middle Earth for a spin. He isn’t into table top games, but is willing to give it a go. I figured that it could be a gateway drug into other games, as it combines the familiar (it is run with an app) and the unfamiliar to him (table top rpg-like constructs). We had fun, but if I had to do it all over again, I would have picked something else.