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Pages from my book Testament

Color Theory

Learning color theory is, of course, a fundamental thing we all are either taught or stumble through as we figure ourselves out as artists. It’s also something that underpins how many humans interact with the world, just subconsciously. All that being said, I don’t think I really appreciated it until I encountered two texts that utilized visual cues in a…

Pages from my book Testament

Cold Opens

I love cold opens. I love when a movie, tv show (what is the difference these days?), comic, or book open in the midst of the action. No preamble. No slow motion Snyder-like retelling of a story we all know already. Just someone racing down a highway, or in my favorite case, some crazy ass laughing vikings and sad guy…

Pages from my book Testament

A Poem?

I figured today I’ll post a bit about “why a poem?” The truth is, I need planned on writing some sort of poem. When I first started writing the then unnamed book, it was all first person prose. A sort of “watcher’s view” of events in a sort of anachronism laden style. It got the idea across, but still felt…