One of my clearest memories as a child is of playing in my parents backyard by myself, inventing worlds and stories with G.I.Joe’s. I can practically smell the grass I used to make huts and picture in my head the dialogue I invented as I formed fluid narratives that continued form day to day. That urge to create and tell stories has been a driving force in all that I do.

This website reflects some of the storytelling I have done over the years. Art, articles, games, and even the code of the site make up a series of narratives. The site is essentially a series of experiments in design, writing, and art all filtered through my personal lens.

As I move through the second half of my life, I find myself more and more driven to get all of the ideas out of my head. I have more books I want to write, more games to design, more art to create, more places to photograph than ever before. I am filled with a purpose I didn’t have as a younger creator and designer, and I think my best work is ahead of me.

Latest posts

  • Tribal Discovery and Adoption

    Tribal Discovery and Adoption

    Gaming is a conservative medium. The dominant vehicles of play, like D&D, are centered on the conservation of the past, and has foster a culture adverse to the exploration of new ideas. Even people deeply progressive in their politics are deeply conservative when it comes to gaming. Why is that?

  • Yggdrasil Magazine. Away We Go!

    Yggdrasil Magazine. Away We Go!

    Last night I launched a crowdfunding effort to bring to life a quarterly gaming magazine called Yggdrasil. I am filled with excitement, and a bit of dread. Excited because I love creating things and sharing those things with others. Dread because of the vulnerability you expose to others when you share your self. So, par…

  • Into the Barrow Downs We Go

    Into the Barrow Downs We Go

    As often happens around the holidays, my kids get the LOTR Fever. This is a legitimate diagnosis that stems from our marathon watching of Peter Jackson’s Extended Edition Lord of the Rings movies on New Years Day. It leads to a sudden uptick on related board games, audiobook listens, and this year, a request to…