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  • Journey into Almost Something

    Journey into Almost Something

    Two weekends ago, a friend of mine and I decided to finally take Journey into Middle Earth for a spin. He isn’t into table top games, but is willing to give it a go. I figured that it could be a gateway drug into other games, as it combines the familiar (it is run with…

  • Artificial Scarcity

    Artificial Scarcity

    Last night on the treadmill I watched The Gray Man on Netflix. Before I put it on, I was vaguely aware that it was a Russo Brothers joint and that it cost a ton of money to make. I also recalled reviews of it being ho hum in nature, so wasn’t expecting much. It did…

  • The Strategic Review

    The Strategic Review

    The Strategic Review was first published in 1975 when roleplaying was really just another form of wargaming. As a lifetime game and lover of history I thought I would take a walk through time to look at the state of gaming through the lens of The Dragon.