Here It Comes Again

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Here It Comes Again

Everything old is new again. The last time I scratched this public writing itch, G+ was the place to be, and the various forums I used to haunt had died or begun to die. I wrote reviews and dumped my brain out on the regular, until I got busy and G+ was strangled in the crib.

Now with the decay of Twitter and the emergence of Mastodon, I jump back into dumping my brain in public. All this time, I’ve been creating, but on the qt and very hush-hush. Figure now is a good a time as any to start sharing what I have been obsessed with.

For years I have been dabbling in creating found artifacts from another time and place. The majority of my life I have been building and rebuilding an imaginary world through my art and writing, but lately that shifted to answering the question, “If it was real, what would things from there look and feel like?”

It is a bit of a shift to move from describing a thing to creating the things that describe it. Testament is the first time I have tried taking some raw material and bringing it to a completed state. At its bare bones, it is a 16,000 word poem wrapped in painted linocut prints that are printed into 288 pages of signatures that will be hand bound as a book. It has taken me years to get to the point where I am painting each page, and now I feel like I can start talking about it.

So more to come I write blog posts and post on Mastodon…