Tashkon the Black Rider

Tashkon reigned over Toloska from 3755 – 3772. He was the 4th son of Zolta, who was the third Grand Prince of the Toloskans, and Urshuli, who was the daughter of the Vorish Duke Melchior, whom ruled the fortress of Iharia. In his youth, he lead plundering raids into the Tarathan Empire, making a name for himself among the Tarathans as the Black Rider.

Under the command of his father, he fought at the disastrous second Battle of Akshak, where the future Tarathan Empress, Otylia I routed an 8,000 strong Toloskan army. He was one of the few leaders to survive the battle, with only his brothers Zoltan, Gyulla, Kristo and Geza to walk away as well.

Tashkon the Black Rider was the last true nomadic raider chieftain of the Toloskans prior to their deeper integration into the Imperium’s sphere of influence.

According to the Chinez z Toloskie, Tashkon took the reigns of power of the 7 tribes of Toloska (Gyulla, Alba, Onda, Kond, Tas, Huba, and Ahotom), by murdering his four brothers. He further solidified his hold over the tribes by forging an alliance with Boleslav I of Jenka through a marriage to that lord’s daughter, Bana. This allowed him to to secure his northern border and invade the Imperium at will.

The Toloskan’s maintained themselves as a threat to the Imperium under his command until Kazmierez IX paid him off in 3770. With that wealth, he was able to secure his son’s ascendency to the throne through bribes and a marriage alliances. He married his eldest son, Geza I to Sana, daughter of the Tarathan lord Sana Friuvar, his daughter Judyta to Radek I of Oldaska, and his youngest son, Mihaly, to Teodora of Zerem. Not long after establishing these alliances, he was assassinated by members of the Alba tribe, who had an equal claim to the throne of the Toloskans.