South Dakota Trip – Part Three

South Dakota Trip – Part Three

If I was going to subtitle this day of the trip, I would call it “Deadwood: Not What You Expect.” We split this day between a trip into Wyoming to Devils Tower and wandering the streets of Deadwood, South Dakota. Lots of car time and some light hiking to recover from the day before so we would be fresh for the Badlands the following day.

Picture of the Highway Into Wyoming
Just look at that sky. I imagine living around here you would get used to it, but as someone who spends most of their days in cities, it catches the breath.
Picture of Devils Tower from the Highway
We still had a ways to drive at this point. Just imagine in the preindustrial age seeing this in the distance and realizing it is hours if not days away.
Picture of Devils Tower From the Drive Up
We are still on the road that goes around it after entering the park. It was intense to see it at this vantage and realize we aren’t even close yet.
Picture  of Devils Tower
At this point we had parked and were near the gift shop/ranger station. We saw people heading out with gear to climb the summit.
Banner for the Devils Tower National Park
I loved this banner and bought this large sticker I now have on my laptop right now. I’ll be sad when I upgrade and lose the sticker.
Selfie of Keith at the Devils Tower
Everyone has to take a selfie before the Tower. I think it is a rule of the park.
Picture of the horizon from the base of Devils Tower
At one point you get this amazing view of the valley beyond the Tower. it was stunning.
Picture of the horizon from the base of Devils Tower
The view is so wonderful you have to see it twice from different points.
Picture of the Gem Saloon Sign
Deadwood was so weird. I think I expected something a little more historical in nature, but really it was as if the town still served it’s purpose as a gambling trap for miners, only with slot machines.
Picture of Keith at the Wild Bill Statue
This statue of Wild Bill was outside the Stabucks attached to the Hampton Inn. I’ll let that sink in for you.
Picture of Felipe Astride a Dragon Statue
I don’t remember what other statues this shop sold because Felipe had found his friend. I only wish he had bought it for his condo.
Picture of the Sign marking the site of Wild Bill's Murder
So many of the historical sites are now something else, but they do have signs like this marking the spots. Most of those buildings were fire hazards at the time of the events that inspired the HBO show.
Picture of the Number 10 Saloon Location
This is obviously not the Number 10 Saloon. I think it was a trinket shop.
Picture of Bullock's Hotel
If you watched HBO’s Deadwood you get a certain impression of Seth Bullock. Very different guy. Much more of a savvy businessman than they articulate in the show. Still, it was cool to see this.
Felipe and Tanarra in Deadwood
This was before we went to get something to eat. The best we could find was the equivalent of a local Applebees unfortunately. However, after this we did find this cool artist shop and I got a beautiful whiskey glass and T-Shirt. So a win for all.